Since 1996, TotalCardiology Rehabilitation has been the cardiac rehabilitation service provider for Alberta Health Services – Calgary Zone.

Our team of health professionals offer risk factor identification and management, medically-supervised exercise training and education to support participants in making positive lifestyle and heart health changes.

From our evidence-based medical cardiac rehabilitation program to medical management of risk factors to improve health outcomes, we have developed a unique approach to heart health.

Our patients are cared for by many specialists, experts, and volunteers.

Unlike most programs, our medical staff includes cardiologists, internal medicine specialists and family doctors who are on-site to assess as well as intervene on risk factors and symptoms.

The TotalCardiology Rehabilitation program is one of the largest outpatient cardiac rehab programs in Canada. Each year our program helps thousands of people improve their physical fitness and heart health.

Through research and innovative treatment strategies, we strive to be leaders in the promotion of cardiac wellness and to provide our program participants with the knowledge and skills to take responsibility for their heart health.